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How it all began

?? It all began with this vegetable wreath!??

I wish it had started some other way, as I tend to get odd looks when I begin the story, of how Notonthehighstreet began! Not terribly sexy, but this is the truth! It wasn’t started with tech enthusiasm or a matrix that told the story of a gap in the market. No, it started as a ‘dreamer’ who wanted to be creative again. My younger self, who was going through a very hard time in life and trying to hold down a demanding job in publishing. One day, the thought occurred, that maybe I could create beautiful things, that were a little less ordinary. That maybe this would make me happy again. So I began hollowing out artichokes and drying them, to become t-light holders. Or, off I’d trot to Covent Garden market (before work!) and would buy strange pieces of palm tree, planting them up with succulents. One day though, I decided I’d make a wreath of vegetables??? (as you do!) and it was at that point I started pondering on where could I sell them? There had to be a local ‘well to do’ Christmas fair in Chiswick? But there wasn’t. And so cue the lightbulb moment…How hard could it be to create one? ??I’d then be able to get the best position in the fair, to sell my ‘less ordinary’ wreaths. Simple! And so it was 2003 that I spent the whole of the summer (lunchtimes, after work and every weekend) creating the first ever Chiswick Christmas Fair, where I would go on to sell my wreaths and get the best position in the town hall. But, it was also that very moment on December the 6th, 2003 that my life changed forever. I know now looking back, I’d found my calling in life. Thank goodness for the vegetable wreath?!

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