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How To Move Your Business Forward To Make More Change

I was thrilled, taken aback and in agreement with the founders of @tattydevine when we tackled the ‘plastic’ subject! I thought it was just refreshing they had an opinion that didn’t shy away or felt forced into the status quo. Of course, they and I, utterly believe in the stopping of ‘one use’ plastic (disposable) but that’s not what they create! They referenced some of our ancient ancestors were buried in their jewels and how they hoped in time that there will be archaeologists digging up the remains of people who’d enjoyed their parakeet necklaces so much, they adorned their bodies as they entered the heavens! That their jewellery, the plastic they use, is gold. The value the customer places on what they buy with them is treated as a precious metal.
I took away the confidence to look at what we do and have a view, that might not fit with others. Of course, we’re on the B Corp journey, so we’re incredibly reflective and are creating policies that mean, our entire business is held accountable to so many ‘goods’. But, remember, we can only do what we can do. That we’ll not be perfect. Your business might be in an area that might be getting a bad rep right now, such as plastic – what is your take? How do you balance things? How are you moving your business forward to do more good? What research are you doing into new materials, processes and visions?
It’s all about moving forward and making small steps in the right direction, whilst wearing your parakeet necklace!

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