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How To Turn What You Love Doing Into A Sustainable Income

One of the first questions that come up when I talk about doing what you love for a living is… but HOW do I make what I love doing into a sustainable income? And it’s a good question, but I always want to flip it around and start with the ‘why’.

Why are you doing, what you’re doing? Like really really why! This is where the love part comes in. Because if it doesn’t come from a place of passion and purpose, it will be a much harder journey and ultimately won’t last.

Once you have the why, you can figure out what! It might be so obvious – if your why is to help people express themselves and you love embroidery you might naturally come up with a range of emotive embroidered patches. Or it might be a little less straight forward – if you why is to help reduce single-use plastic your what could be anything from designing and making a plastic-free skincare brand to running a cafe that uses zero single-use plastic!

Once you have you ‘why’ and ‘what’ you can tackle the ‘how’ which is the way you put it out there and begin to monetise your idea. On the podcast recently BOSH! founders Henry and Ian talked about the early days of setting up and how they held out as long as they could doing it alongside their jobs which is such crucial advice! Doing this not only shows you if you’re going to stick to it and enjoy it, but it also gives you the breathing room to see if it’s possible for it to sustain you financially before taking the leap to full time!

I do hope anyone reading this who wants to start a business will start with the why and take the first steps in doing what they love this month – I’ll be here to support and cheerlead you all the way!

These beautiful trainers were created by stitching wonder @emma_giacalone_textiles xx

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