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I love this time of year

A love  this time of year for so many reasons – the ‘Independent’ campaigning, the beauty that adorns the shop, the spirit in the air but actually one of my utter loves is getting the ship ready, for the following year
The thought of coming through the doors without a ‘game plan’ in January, fills me with dread. And I find that even though I’m at my busiest at this time of the year, it propels me to get shit done. You know what they say, if you want something done, give it to a busy person! As in, there’s no time to procrastinate and the sense of being in your businesses busiest means everything it does is flowing all around you. You’re standing in the eye of the tornado  and you can look at everything you do, all at once as it whirls around you. I put my hand out and look at each element of my businesses and say “Does this need to improve?” and always (unfortunately!) the answer is “Yes” and I set about working on the ways it will change in the following year. But because we’re in the eye of the storm, the beauty is, you don’t have much time and so it’s the instinctive top 3 things that are noted and then on to the next.
Once I have all these improvements I work out ‘how’ this will take shape. Do I need more humans to do this? Could I outsource it? Is this something I can give to the existing team to absorb into their jobs? We already do so much and there are only 6 full-time members of the team, but we also know the team must be kept lean and strong  to maintain the magic. So pull it all together – I know what we want to do, what we want to improve and what humans (in which form) do we need, I then take 2 days (normally the weekend) and layer that all into the numbers.
Slot into this time of year an office shakeup, an Xmas party a presentation on the year gone past…deals formalised, shop opening times and holidays managed etc ….you sort of have yourself a plan. It might be stuck together with plasters and torn at the sides – but it is a plan at least! Battle stations ready!

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