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I’m Fine

The other day, I was speaking at an event and sometimes get a little queue of those wanting to chat further. It’s the ‘best bit’ for me. 

So, I was talking to lovely people, and next in the queue was a lady who just wanted to tell me how much the last hour inspired her (lucky me) and she then proceeded to well up. I asked her if she was okay and if she needed a hug. We had a good cuddle and in my shoulder she said ‘I’m fine’. I laughed as I gave her a squeeze. “Fine?” I said, “what are us woman like? You’re a little bit away from being fine, aren’t you? You’re blubbering into my shoulder! If this is what ‘fine’ looks like, I hate to see what ‘not fine’ looks like!” We both laughed as she dried her tears. She looked at me and said, “you know what they say about being ‘fine’? F-ucked up, I-nsecure, N-eurotic and E-mpty!” I was stunned – I’d never heard this brilliant little description.

I screamed in excitement and asked her to tell me her Instagram handle, as I had to do a post on it. She started welling up again, as she explained that she hadn’t even managed to get herself sorted with social. She spoke in a really demeaning tone. I could see this was a woman beating herself up. “Well, nothing more for it. Your homework is to set up an Instagram account and then email me once you have, and we’ll just take it from there. Why not let the first step, be today?” I say it all the time, just because we think we want to start something, start a business, it doesn’t mean that you’ve eaten the encyclopedia of running a companyfor breakfast! Nor do you know what he first steps are, or how to deal with all that anxiety paralysing you. 

So Karn, I’m doing a post about you and the wonderful, or as you’ve called your new Instagram handle @fabulousImfine.  Thank you for being so open with your emotion. Thank you for being brave and going for it. I know you’ve not yet started the journey and to quote ‘‘the state of play of my new company, is nada!” but I for one, can’t wait to see what you create. Here’s to us being FINE! 

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