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I Pledge To Be The Change

Whatever your politics, however, last night went for you…ultimately we, you, have so much power in the actions of our everyday.

Never forget we can change our own worlds, we can affect others in such positive ways, we can drive the change we believe in within our communities, we can help the environment, we can treat people kindly, we can campaign for our beliefs still – we can be who we wanted others to be for us.

Let’s look at a business hero of mine, Anita Roddick, founder of The Body Shop. Dubbed ‘Britain’s Green Queen’ she wasn’t a politician or a prime minister but she made groundbreaking positive changes within her industry and beyond, by using her business for good! Namely, the complete banning of animal testing in the UK which she campaigned for relentlessly.

This one example from wonderful Anita shows us the mighty force businesses can play on the planet and generally, how women can change the world within business and build such a positive legacy.

So, today especially, be kind to others. We live in a democracy which is a privilege. It’s our differences that make us colourful and it is the unity of our small businesses journeys that unite us as a positive tribe, who are building our dreams.

I pledge to be the change the world needs, in any small way I can. How about you?

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