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If You Hate What You Do

Is this you, right now? If you’re a regular here you’ll be familiar with the Holly & Co mission to help everyone love what they do! So if someone tells me they hate their job, it’s my most favourite thing to help them figure things out and what it is, they ought to be doing!
Firstly, know that it is not just you! Studies show that around 70% (!) of employees are actively disengaged at work! And it’s pretty hard to feel any job satisfaction if you’re not engaged or interested in what you’re doing, for around half of your waking hours, 5 days a week.
But, don’t despair! Reaching the point of acknowledging you hate it, is a good place to get to as you can now take steps to find, or create, something better!
So many entrepreneurs have begun their journey from hating their employment and aspiring to the freedom of working for themselves! So if you’re currently feeling like you hate where you’re at, be really honest with yourself. Will jumping from one ship to another ship just painted a new colour – make you happy? Or do you have a dream that you’ve not yet had the courage to chase? Today is the moment, to be honest with yourself or send to someone whom you know, needs to make that courageous move!

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