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People who inspire me: Oprah

Throughout this month’s theme of Inspiration, I’m going to feature people who inspire me. Let’s start with one of my all time inspirations – Oprah.

I for one, never tire in hearing her story – this remarkable tale of ‘winning’. Oprah’s a shining example of a true woman. A queen who’s now dedicated her life to teaching others. With many years already lived, the lessons she’s learnt, her wisdom gained, were born first hand out of her fascinating journey. She’s lived history by being a black woman, brought up in hard times in rural Mississippi and so how this woman turned out to become the formidable entrepreneur she is – nothing short than a miracle. I love how she’s a true example of how you can’t connect the dots looking forward, only backwards. This woman knew she was ‘more’ and that meant she needed to fight hard and zig while others zagged, in order to reach her destiny.

Twenty posts are needed to sum up my admiration for this woman or share her journey, but certainly the story of when she gained the part of Sofia in The Colour Purple, is one of my favourites.

Oprah read a lot and so when she read the review of Alice Walker’s book, The Color Purple, she raced to the book shop, still in her pjs, and read it in one day. The next day she went back and bought every copy they had. She then moved to Chicago and would walk around with a backpack filled with the book, starting conversations with people and giving them a copy. She heard a film was going to be made of the book and knew she had to be in it! She’d never worked in films and so started praying. Quincy Jones came to Chicago, because he was on business with the Thriller album. He was in his hotel and had just got out of the shower, and turned on the TV in his hotel room. She was on AM Chicago and Quincy Jones instantly said, ‘That’s Sofia’. Oprah didn’t know that, but he called his casting agent and she got an audition for The Color Purple!

This amongst so many other stories, gives me shivers. I’ve started the story and encourage you to You Tube ‘Oprah Winfrey and how she got a part in The Colour Purple’. It might just be one of those stories that changes your life.

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