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Inspiration Month

Ta Da! This month is all about inspiration, and we hope it inspires you! To understand the power of inspiration and all the forms that it comes in. A word that’s used too much, by those who really don’t know what’s ‘inspirational’, even if it chucked it in their face! So, we’re reclaiming it for the month of May, highlight the power that’s all around us and how we can use it. How other’s tackle creative blocks and where they seek their light.

Not to sound too sickly, but my inspiration comes from my mission to help the creatives, create. To empower the small to feel large. To remedy the sometimes hellish journey, so it doesn’t feel so bad. I’m lucky enough, each and every day, to be surrounded by people who run their own businesses and it’s my drug of choice. The lows empower my mission, as much as the highs. The search for how we make this all a little easier; how we can learn from each other. The strength to know, it’s the unique mind that created our dreams in the first place, that can keep creating. To look at life, through your unique lens, is only your superpower and no one else’s. It’s yours forever. As I said, inspirational!

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