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Henry Patterson

People who inspire me: Henry Patterson

Every Thursday, I’m featuring people who inspire me! This week it’s dedicated to my youngest inspiration, Henry Patterson.

Henry started his official business journey at the age of nine when he launched children’s brand – Not Before Tea . This was based on story book he’d written, entitled ‘The Adventures of Sherb and Pip’. All the characters in the book were brought to life through products such as bags, wash bags and soft toys. He invented the Fairy Door!

Despite battling a stammer, he developed a love of public speaking and has since spoken alongside some of the world’s top motivational speakers on stages in Malaysia, Singapore, Italy, Berlin and Vietnam.

Now 14, Henry has set up online academy Young & Mighty, to enable young entrepreneurs to turn their business ideas into reality, through short practical courses.

About his Book: Young and Mighty is for children and young people, 10 to 14, who are starting to think about their future and starting to make sense of what motivates them. It covers some of the big issues that young people face: money, self-esteem, finding your voice, education and creativity. It particularly appeals to those struggling to fit in.

In the introduction Henry tells his story about developing a stammer after being bullied at school and his journey to rediscover his voice. His experiences have taught Henry that children can discover their own version of success. The book provides examples from business, the arts and sport contributed by people Henry has met or admires. Other chapters deal with how to double your pocket money and how to raise money for good causes. There is also advice from business, marketing and legal experts on how to start and run a business.

Young and Mighty promotes confidence and thoughtfulness, not just material ambition. I’m so proud to have contributed to the book, but regardless of this, I’m so very proud to even know him. The book is in my pile of reading books, but I’m fighting Harry off already!

Please give to all young people you know, who have that burning little spark of an idea, already! Well done Henry! You can buy it on his site –

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