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Instilling values

As you get older, it really does become simpler. Not only starting to love ? who you’re growing into, but how to behave. I’m sure you’re with me, when you take a deep breath each time you watch the madness on the news? All these bloody men and their frigging toys! From rockets to guns…to name a few. It’s breathtaking the decisions and choices that are being made in our name.

With a young man being raised in my home, I decided that our home would provoke ‘good’ questions regarding our values. So, when I saw these by the most crazily talented @alicegabb, they had to adorn my wall. Made to honour one of the most outstanding movements of our existence – The Suffragettes. Lined by the curtains from a US activist’s home, these stare at me as I wake each morning. Reminding me, of what we believe in. How we’ve got to be the best version of ourselves and beliefs, each day. That if we all did this? Imagine the world ? we’d live in? It also reminds me how small business, what they create and the story behind every product – could change the world! I know it. 

I’m wondering if we package these up and send them to a few world leaders?

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