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Is It Time For A New Direction?

We’re getting ready to say goodbye to May and #startabusinessmonth. You might already have noticed, but at Holly & Co we never let ourselves sit still for long! This is (mostly) intentional, as it avoids things becoming stagnant and keeps us on our toes, thinking up fresh perspectives and constantly improving!
If the path you’re on right now is a bit of a challenge and you keep hitting roadblocks, take a moment to step back and observe what’s going on. Not everything in business is easy, or fun (!), but if you are repeatedly banging your head against the wall over the same thing then perhaps it’s time to shelve that idea for a while – or forever!
See if you can see an easier way, something that will come naturally and free up some of your brain, so you can flex those other muscles that haven’t had a chance to be used in a while. When you’re stuck in a rut or in a busy spell it’s often the best bits and the things that move you forward that take a back seat – things like creativity, interacting with your customers and brainstorming new ideas!
So hit reset, take a step back and look at things objectively for a minute. Pinpoint where the stress fractures are and adapt, pause or get rid of them. Pour your energy and efforts into ideas that you wholeheartedly believe in, that have the potential to open new avenues and propel you and your business forward! Is It Time For A New Direction?!

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