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It Is What It Is

Some of the office went to the brilliant @jerryseinfeld in Hammersmith on Saturday night and they’ve been recounting the incredible set he did over coffee.
One of the bits that got me, is when Jerry went into a rant about why businessmen, repeat phrases and words. As in:
“Business means Business”
“What will happen, will happen”
“What will be, will be”
“It’s not over, till it’s over”
“It is, what it is”
“But what does it actually mean? Jerry said. I’ve heard this many times in my career as a cover-up for laziness or an excuse not to look at what’s gone wrong and what we can learn from it!”
I loved that he brought this up, as it’s my most hated phrases! I find them all so pretentious! As if repeating words makes you sound more authoritative or in the know! Some of my most unliked humans would say this to me all the time – ‘It is, what it is” and it drove me totally insane. “No, it isn’t!” I’d think. ‘It’ was laziness, a fuck up, something went very very wrong, it was a pile of utter crap! ‘It’ is not something that’s acceptable and at least, let’s learn from ‘it’! Or, let’s look at the culprit who made ‘it’ happen and hold them accountable. I’m all for moving on, but not when it just suits you (in that suit) when basically it was YOU who fucked ‘it’ up! My rant over – lol!
So happy Jerry agrees with me! Anyone else detest these arrogant phrases? Any stories?

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