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It’s A Dog’s Life

I can honestly say, that apart from my son entering the world, Mudley has had one of the largest, unexpected effects on my life. For a long time I wanted a dog, but it was quite a surface level feeling. I loved the ideas of going on walks or Harry having a hairy brother or sister. But, when this little soul entered our lives – everything changed. Nothing stayed the same – from the home life, to relationships and to our general well being – everything improved. Mudley became this totem animal, that would follow you around and keep you company whatever you were doing. From setting up Holly & Co, to keeping Harry company whilst studying, to being a male companion to Frank who is a stay at home dad. When times were shit and the energy was low in the house, Mudley had this way of just bringing the vibe up. If he found me crying, he will come into my space and lick my tears.

A dog has the most extraordinary way of showing love and compassion. Exercise became as daily thing and meant we had to move our bodies – thank god! It’s as if he breathed life into us all. Nothing sums this up more then when we do something called a ‘family snuggle’, where Frank, Harry and myself have a group hug. We wait, and wherever Mudley is, he knows what we’re doing. You hear these running little feet, and then, a nose works its way through our legs. He stands in the middle and looks up, awaiting the next step. We scoop him up and bury our faces into him. Nothing like the love we all feel, for each other, at this point. Thank you Mudley for being my best friend, business partner, surrogate child and general beautiful soul.

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