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It’s ok to have a wobble

I sprung out of bed this morning and almost immediately had to sit back down, as the enormity of my day hit me. I know it will be fine and so I share a few thoughts to anyone else who’s experiencing a little wobble (of any size) this morning.

  • It’s only one day: One out of approx 28,470 days that you (the average person) will be alive. So if today is going to be challenging, know there are many more that won’t.

  • Comparison: Look around you and think about how many days people have wasted being unhappy. Appreciate how wasteful this is of our precious life.

  • Look forward: Your anxiety, unhappiness, wobbles are all contingent on what you’re dealing with now, but know there is something around the corner that will make up for it, very soon. Take a walk, look at what’s around you, breath and focus on the future. It’s such a great tonic.

  • Happiness button: Do something that makes you happy (if only temporarily). Grab yourself an iced coffee, pop to the shops at lunchtime or call a friend who always makes you feel better. When you have a day that needs a little help – just go for it and do something that can make you smile. Fuck it, if it’s temporary – it helps!

  • Plan: Instead of inaction in the face of an ‘off’ day, think of what your long term goals are. A good friend once defined procrastination as a ‘weakness in the face of impulse’, not as a manifest of laziness. So remember what you want, and go for it.

Look past today, and envision yourself as what you could be. And go for it, go for it, go for it!

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