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It’s Dream Monday!

IT’S DREAM MONDAY!!! Lol not really because that’s not a thing! But I’m tired of seeing lazy marketing campaigns based around the entirely fictional ‘Blue Monday’ (which is TOTALLY made up btw) so we’ve remixed the original ‘equation’ of Blue Monday and calculated our own happy, shiny, positive DREAM MONDAY equation.

In all honesty, if you’re still wading out of the January fog why not just use this time, that feels slower than your normal 100mph to actually plan and get ready for the year. That is why Jan is Dream/Plan month. FAR more positive than thinking, any time on this planet, should be wished away.

You can start so simply – by admitting your wildest dreams even just to yourself! Or writing them down or sharing them with a loved one.

It’s time to start dreaming and setting yourself on the path to a bigger, brighter✨future than even you even think possible right now! Do not waste a second – GO FOR IT on DREAM MONDAY!

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