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It’s Not What Knocks You Down That Matters, But How You Get Back Up That Shows Your Strength.

Yesterday we launched the May @hollyandcoworkshop mission “Do what you love, love what you do” and started a new movement – #startabusinessmonth
Helping people take that final step, from dreaming to actually doing, is at the heart of what we do at Holly & Co and I’m no stranger to the challenges knock backs that come with starting and running a business!
On the podcast this week Tom reminded us that it’s not what knocks you down that matters, but how you get back up that shows your strength. Dusting yourself off after a setback with valuable lessons learnt and more grit and determination than ever before. Believe me, it doesn’t ever stop and it is really the only way your business grows and develops.
BUT, when those setbacks set in thick and fast, which I’m sure we’ve all been through, getting back up time and again, takes its toll. The times when you’re on your own at 2am in disbelief at how wrong things can possibly go… those are the times when you need a loving team to hold you up and carry you through. But how many small businesses have a team in the beginning?!
That’s where the community, and Holly & Co too, comes in The independents, maker and creators must find ways to connect and support one another, to be one another’s teams.
And when is there a tougher time in business than at the very beginning? Those fledgeling days, weeks and months when exhaustion settles and doubts, worries and fears seep in. How many of you have been here and so desperately needed reassurance from someone who’s walked that path, who can say they’ve been in your shoes and came out the other side? (I know I have!)
That’s why I have started #startabusinessmonth this May. Please share, using the hashtag or in the comments, so I and others can offer advice and encouragement to help you get there.
I hope this hashtag will soon be filled with stories of small business – the highs, the lows and the in-betweens – each sharing advice and inspiration to lift up and carry forward the small business community that I love so dearly

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