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It’s our business birthday

It’s our birthday todayand we’re 2 years old! I literally can’t believe that we’ve been operating as a business for 24 months, 100 weeks-ish and just over 700 days! It seems like forever and no time at all – all rolled into one.
More pics to follow of what we’re up to, but needless to say the shop is twinkling with number 2’s and there’s a great deal of cake! I know our birthday is special, as it’s a milestone in our little journey. An excuse to take stock of what we’ve achieved and how bloody far we’ve come. How little we knew and how much we’ve grown  I encourage you all to celebrate your business birthdays, so much so, we asked this week’s guest Veronica Dearly on #conversationsofinspirations  to create a card, especially for when our little businesses become older.
Happy Birthday dear Holly & Co and all the people you keep happy and safe. I am so proud of all you have achieved and all you will. We’re right behind you and your beautiful dreams

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