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It’s The Experience That Matters!

I just love this quote that came from the podcast this week with Alice Gabb, because it’s so true. Things have shifted and where we currently sit, and I think we will be here for a long, long, long time, people now value experience as much, if not more, than ‘things’. It’s such an interesting concept to think  about for your own business. If this is true, how do people ‘do’ what you’ve created? How do you bring this new angle and dimension to your brand? And the good news, I think this perspective applies to all businesses…because it’s just the way you look at things. A jewellery business could teach how to create and design a customer’s own necklace or a company who specialises in illustration could create a 4-week course, where someone actually learns a skill. A cake maker could teach how to create a personalised signature cake, designed by that individual – not one size fits all. But you could then push it, what about people paying to convert your shed into an office? What about someone paying to help you start your business? Could there be interest in paying for the experience of starting a pop-up? Want to set up a farmers market  so you can sell your wares, what about selling the experience? Do you see where I am going? Start to think outside the realms of just taking what you do and making it a one size fits all experience – push it. Because my theory is, the more someone learns, does, experiences…the more they can gain a ‘story’ and that’s what they’re craving. They want the ability to share what they did, and not what they got! Food for thought…

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