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Job titles

One of the first questions we’re asked as children is what we want to be when we grow up. The mini versions of us answer, ‘doctor, nurse, astronaut, vet, policeman, Madonna (just me?)’ – the list goes on. But, what I’ve always found so interesting about this, is that kickstarts our need to identify with a job from a very young age.

Over the years, I’ve watched people be defined by their job titles, which I think is quite scary. If you lose a job that defines who you are, you lose your sense of self. Rather than being an executive, manager, director or CEO, be Lily, Gabi, John or Will. Stay grounded by knowing who you are, not what your title stipulates.

The thing is, job titles don’t really matter to people who enjoy what they do. If you’re happy at work, it doesn’t matter if a series of letters come after your name. I’ve seen so many businesses dish out inflated job titles to motivate people, rather than actually taking the time to work with those individuals and help them be the best and happiest versions of themselves.

As small business owners, you wear many hats and fulfil many roles, so titles won’t necessarily apply to you in the same way. (Other than ‘The Absolute Boss’ or ‘God’s Gift’, of course!) But I know that there will be times where you might feel lesser because of that, but you shouldn’t.

You’re working towards achieving a life greater than any title could ever give you; The Good Life. You have such an understanding of your own identity that you’ve poured it into something bigger than you, your brand, and you’re sharing that gift with the world. What a special journey we’re all on.

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