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Juggling Act

The stress is real…the never-ending Easter holidays! Unless you can take the whole thing off, it’s a real dilemma? It just goes on and on….and of course it’s a perfect moment to get away for a few days, a week or two, but trying to work and do family at exactly the same time – is near impossible. As I said yesterday on my video on Facebook (if you don’t already follow, head over to Holly & Co FB…I’m going to try and do something quite exciting there with very frequent videos, sharing inspiration and advice) – I have always trusted military planning. The calendar of the month gets printed out onto A3 and each quarter of the day, is planned. Harry, as much as he throws his PlayStation out of the pram at the beginning of the exercise, has been doing it for so long, that he now actually likes to know what he’s doing. That today can be a ‘relax’ day as tomorrow is homework. Or today is ‘culture day’ because tomorrow he is working at Holly & Co. I have been doing this for 10 years now and it’s the only way I can, and could, cope. When he was younger it was all about how and who could look after him, how many mummy days thus I needed to build in. Now it is about the balance of freedom, hometime, family time, homework time, Holly & Co time and working on Sugar Boy. But, it all sounds easy here…it isn’t and certainly when they are younger and the military orders aren’t listened to by anyone and you find yourself having to work with everyone in the house and nothing to do… at that point, give in!! Do what it takes….build the den, filled with Wotsits, iPads, teddies and Ribena cartons…not that I know anything about this!!  (image via @makeandmendco)

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