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Don’t Stop Dreaming

As dreamers month draws to a close at the Holly & Co Work/Shop I want to touch on why I think dreaming big is so crucial to success in business, but also be realistic and acknowledge the uphill climb it is, to believe in your dreams enough to stay focused on them, day in, day out.

Because to survive all of the things that will try and derail you along the way (and there will be many!), I believe, and have found experienced myself, that having a clear vision in your head, of where you want to get to, is THE most reliable way to get there!

The dream likely will (and should!!!) change and reshape and have many different versions, but must remain the driving force. Because once you lose sight of the bigger picture, it’s like watching dominoes fall, as everything from your product to your customer service to your staff happiness goes out of wack and implodes.

So when the world throws you complete curveballs and you have to adapt to survive, start at the dream – the end goal – and work your way back to the immediate problem, making sure whatever step you take next still leads you to the dream. In my experience this approach leads to the quickest, most effective solution but I won’t say it’s always easy – it takes courage and strength to be the one to ‘make the call’ but in the long run, it will give you the best shot of seeing your dreams, come true.

Keep dreaming everyone and good luck, I’ll be cheering you all on from afar – as ever!

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