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Keep going Holly&Co

Picture me, shouting through this megaphone – “Keep going!” I know it’s Friday and we might all be feeling it (I know I am!), but the next 8 hours, could possibly change your life! I know that sounds totally OTT, but when you think about what you could achieve – I mean really achieve, in a full 480 minutes, the sky’s the limit. I always think back to when Julie (founder of The Cambridge Satchel Company) recalled her journey on Conversations of Inspiration and stunned us with the fact she learnt to code in a night. And then coded her site in 3 days! She’d had enough of her manufacturer copying her, so hired a van one morning drove to the company in question and started to remove all the leather and loaded it all into a van – herself! All in 1 day! Following that, she needed a manufacturer (!) – so that day she looked at Rightmove and decided by the end of the day she’d have chosen a building and done the deal by the end of the week – 2 days! I got a call from someone last night who’s struggling and they told me how they’ve decided to go to the US and do the biggest deal of their lives. I said “When?” they said, “I’ve booked a ticket tomorrow!” I have some choices coming up, and I think the team feels it might be impossible to get to the outcome we need. So when I woke up, I decided by the end of the day – I’m going to try and achieve the impossible – today! Don’t underestimate the power of the time in front of you today – it has the most immense power!

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