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Kids at Work

Kids and business – will these two words ever sit harmoniously together? A book couldn’t even capture this whole subject, so for now, I’m just giving anyone who can combine these two worlds a ‘shout out’.

When you can successfully and harmoniously play these two instruments at once, the most beautiful melody is created. Not only this, it’s now a vitally important part of bringing up the next generation (if you can).

Apparently 40% of us will be in a freelance position in five years time, half of all US workers will be freelance by 2020 and 20% of UK graduates are already joining the market now as freelancers. Being able to share another side of your world with your children, is a privilege. Think how many millions can’t and yet more and more of this community of small creative businesses think nothing of tucking a little one in a sleeping bag under the desk, or popping them onto a back, to keep up with the business. It’s something so many can only dream about.

Harry was regularly tucked under a desk in the early years, with a portable DVD player (it was 2007!), Lazy Town and a bag of Quavers and witnessed the journey first hand. Right up to when he was nine where he helped move my desk into a swish corner office, whilst adding colour to the sums’ on the whiteboard!

Image brought to life by these words, thanks to Lucas, Hayley & June from Alphabet Bags. In their own words:

“Our daughter, June, has been joining us at Alphabet Bags HQ since she was born 16 months ago. At first things were pretty straight forward, she’d hang out in her carrier whilst we packed orders, or napped in a sling whilst we replied to emails. Now she’s on her feet and running all over the place it’s much more interesting, but a lot of fun!

We keep her amused by having a ball pit and slide in the office along with trips to the playground. Nap times are cherished and we aim to be most productive during those precious hours! Having family nearby is an enormous help, we’re not sure what we’d do without our folks/siblings.

We feel so lucky to be able to run our business whilst spending every day watching our little bug grow. We might be a little less productive than we used to be, but we wouldn’t change it for the world.”

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