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If you look at my wrist, I have two very special bracelets made for me by the wonderful Chambers & Beau. One reads ‘Holly & Co‘ and the other ‘Kintsugi‘.

A few years ago, I was more broken than I’ve ever been and although I had faith in life and those around me, I’d lost my identity. I lost my mojo. I realised I was part of a family, a movement, a lifeforce, bigger than myself – I was lost without it.

Within weeks (on my good days) the wind beneath my wings (my team) lifted me and literally propped my head up, so that I could see the future with my eyes. They believed so much in my vision, that everyday, they tried to help me see what that future might look like. It was a tireless & emotional job.

They were taking my shattered heart and they were carefully and sensitively mending me with gold. They kept telling me (and I knew this deep down) that these cracks, my learnings, everything I was experiencing and the retrospective mistakes I’d now realised I’d made – will help others in the future. They knew just saying that, would make me move forward. However hard, they knew the prospect of helping others, would heal me.

Why do I believe in this so much? The Kintsugi technique & philosophy believes we shouldn’t throw away broken objects. When an object breaks, it doesn’t mean that it is no more useful. Its breakages can become valuable. We should try to repair things because sometimes in doing so we obtain more valuable objects. This is the essence of resilience.

We should all look for a way to cope with traumatic events in a positive way, learn from negative experiences, take the best from them & convince ourselves, that exactly these experiences, make each person unique, precious.

We believe so much in it, that we sell these Kintsugi kits in the Work/Shop and we’ll soon offer classes that combine the creative aspect of the technique with a life coach. An opportunity for people to openly talk through their cracks (whilst we mend them with gold!) & how they can move forward.

I’ll never forget the kindness from the wind beneath my wings – they know who they are & this wonderful, beautiful community.

From the bottom, of my now glittering, lined heart – thank you.

Kintsugi kit by Humade

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