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Let’s empower one another

I would love nothing more in this world, than to see women empower one another, rather than compete with each other. In a time where inequality is still, sadly, so present in our workplaces, we need to be lifting each other up, not kicking ladders down.

I got such a sad note yesterday, from someone who’s in the corporate world, where she’s never met a woman who’s supported her. Actually the opposite. Her conclusion was, that moving to become their own boss

Over the last 15 years, I’ve met some incredibly fierce women, from all backgrounds; real trailblazers, set on making a name for themselves and getting their voices heard. Women set on success, on achieving their goals. But if you fight so hard to break down the door, why close it after you? Why not usher the women standing behind you, teaching them to be mindful of splinters, showing them how you did it?

Whether you’re working from your kitchen or boardroom, reach out to the women in your life today, even just to tell them they’re doing a good job. Encourage and support them, inspire and advise them. Whatever you can do to lift those around you, do it; because sometimes, tiny gestures can have the biggest impact. Talk – in the best, and most colourful ways possible x

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