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Let your colour shine

Thinking outside the box, doesn’t only come into play when thinking about your business, products or services. It’s also an exciting way to think about yourself.

I think we live in an age where the ‘cookie cutter’ is well and truly alive. The conformity is not only restricted to the playground, but it’s also very present in the business world. 

I know this first hand. Certainly, I had a stage where the ‘real’ Holly was being buried, every time I dressed and interacted. Places I said I’d never shop in, I found became my go-to. I knew what was happening and why, but what I didn’t realise, was every time I took the virtual ‘eraser of colour’ out of the wardrobe, I was simultaneously rubbing out the colour, that was me. 

It’s not just about clothes, grey was seeping in wherever it could. From my sense of humour to the way I’d think about things. The uniqueness was slowly going. 

Thinking outside the box, when it comes to ourselves, allows you to start to be the true you. Was it red hair that you crave for, just like Alanis Morissette? Does your love for music stop when it comes to the office door? Does a work band need to be created? What about your fascination with film? Does your whole wardrobe need and should be more about you? That’s where my glitter trainer obsession came from! Why shouldn’t you wear feet that shimmer, when building something serious? Have you always loved humour – fancy a go training as a stand up comedian? What about where you work? Are you stuck in a box of grey – could you mix it up? 

Is it about time, that you drop any conformity that is holding you, or your creativity back? Does your business or team deserve the full you? Remember anything goes, if it brings out the colour, that is you, to shine.

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