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Letting go with love

Letting go with love’ is one of the funniest expressions that Sophie taught me years ago. We both had to learn it and it wasn’t easy, as unfortunately you need the ‘perfectionist gene’ to be an entrepreneur. But, my goodness, as you grow it becomes one of the biggest battles. At the beginning, this trait is what allows you to build your unique brand. It makes you what you are. Still to date (nine years on) our business cards – each tied with a blue ribbon – is the detail that gives us stand out and allowed us to say so much about the brand. But this level of detail as your business grows almost becomes impossible across the business and yet you loose sleep as ideally everything would be perfect.

Sometimes the energy you lose is wasted because you get caught up in the little things and forget the perspective you require as the captain of your ship. You can’t allow perfectionism to paralyse you and your growth, so you have to work out what is important and what could you ‘let go with love’. Can you do something at 80% rather than 100%? Is it better to get it done and out the door at 80% and learn faster? It really is.

What could you ship today rather than wait for perfectionism? Advertising that used to work, is taking hours to maintain and doesn’t feel efficient and yet it took forever to set up? Let it go! Packaging that looks great and was manageable when you had a few orders but now is not cost efficient? Let it go.

Letting it go though isn’t throwing it all away. It’s learning, understanding, keeping what’s great but throwing away the bulk and ultimately doing things faster.

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