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The Lightbulb Moment

When you’re inspired, it feels as if the sun is shining and the birds have flocked together to sing your favourite tune. It’s all going to work out, and not only that, there’s a small possibility that this might be ‘the one’! The idea, you’ve spent your life looking for. The one that not only will bring cash in, but also real happiness. Bingo! So we run with it; fast and furious, as we head to our bright light. And then, as we keep working hard, the lights seem to dim. The timings go out the window and the cash, well, what cash!

That once bright light, is now the wick of the midnight oil and everything seems to be much harder and slower. I know I had this, like treacle, when we started NOTHS, but also it seems it’s just the rite of passage, as here I am again. Frustrated with how long it’s taken to shine light from Holly & Co. It’s all been there, up there, in the matter between the ears, but it’s definitely not been as easy as I thought it should be. The thing is, on my knees or not, it pays to persevere. Hard work, focus and sheer grit – pays. It’s for those who see light in the dark, however faint, that will succeed. I see so many going through this stage, where the necessity for bravery is required in bucket loads. There’s comfort actually in knowing, others are standing virtually next to you. So, this Sunday, I wish us all, an ability to just feel the warmth of the idea’s beams, to fuel us for the weeks ahead.

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