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Lightbulb Moment

A light bulb moment –  a moment of sudden inspiration, revelation, or recognition. That’s what the dictionary says, but we all know it’s more than these words.

It’s the state of mind that artists, musicians and writers have accessed down the ages. It has many names, from ‘getting in the zone’ to channelling, with all its spiritual connections.

To me, it doesn’t need a label, nor for us to know where it comes from. It’s just this most beautiful blissful state where unlimited creativity flows.

The beauty of light bulb moments is more than the flash of inspiration. When you get a true light bulb moment, it is perfect in many other respects. The timing seems to be uncanny and exquisite. All the resources you need to make it happen, seem to fall into place effortlessly. This moment seems to come along just when you need it or when the universe needs it. Ever thought of it like that? Ever thought you have that idea, an epiphany that changes so many things – for a reason bigger than yourself? How do your ideas, these moments affect those around you and the wider world?

The ultimate benefit seems to be so much more than the one idea – it seems to have numerous positives; your business seems to improve and life on the whole becomes easier. Spin off inventions come along that you never envisaged and are even more profitable, better than the original idea. Just when you think you had reached the epicenter – you realise there is more road to travel.

When you bring that first light bulb moment into physical reality, you seem to get more and more coming along. It is almost like you’re being guided. So if you can, hook yourself up to your new or old light bulb moment, as its wonderful way to be.

I wish you a light bulb moment today, the electricity to flow, the creativity to come to life and for us all from afar, to see a shining beacon of light.

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