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limitations deal with the cards you are dealt the best way you can

Limitations: You have to deal with the card you are dealt

Sometimes the uniqueness of what we create and how we create it, can be due to the limitations we find ourselves dealing with. Be it as a single mum, a full time worker, with only £500 to get started or a postage stamp’s worth of office space. I never really thought about how important, how unique to every person the tapestry is. It’s actually an ingredient in the DNA of creating business, that makes everyone very unique; no set of circumstances are ever exactly the same.

This weekend I was helping a friend with their business and the tough ‘pack of cards’. The way we had to think around the issues or limitations he found himself with and how that just might be the reason it will work! It forced thoughts that otherwise would never would have been necessary, but ultimately now looking back, might be the key to the whole thing!

So here’s a thought for today, where we find ourselves and the ‘cards we’ve been dealt’; what we might once have looked at as negatives – just might be the opposite! Thank you @realhackneydave for bringing this thought to light so brilliantly!

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