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Living the Good Life

One of the things that honestly warms my heart more than anything is how happy so many of us are with the choices we’ve made. Nearly every post will have a comment about “never swapping their world for anything” or “not having their hectic existence any other way”. My love for small creative businesses of course is born out of a love for business, entrepreneurship and making a living out of creating. And then let’s not forget the slight obsession with what’s then created (No1 shopper at NOTHS!) But actually when I look within, I just want to make people happy.

I pine for people to walk this planet deeply happy and ‘showing up’ as the best of who they are. Confident to be themselves and showing the world how bloody amazing they are as individuals. That life is very short and we must take responsibility for ourselves: making sure we live the happiest life possible. I’ve found that running a creative small business gives people this ability. That once they make that choice, they get to be their authentic self; love and see their family so much more; feel deeply content and happy. They get to live the ‘good life’. I’m living the ‘good life’.

I only had one child as my other is a business I grew to take care and grow SME’s. There isn’t a day that goes by when I think about that choice. But now I have a niece who feels a part of me due to the love for my best friend and sister. She’s doing a very good job of being my missing jigsaw piece. Happy Sunday people. Make sure you are living the ‘good life’.

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