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Love What You Do


It really is the pinnacle, isn’t it? To do what you love, and love what you do. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Often the thing you love is not necessarily born out of commerciality and thus it’s this unmolded talent or beautiful thing you then have to craft into a business. There are often no guides, as in, others might have launched the same type of business, but we all know, that whatever we do, it has to be different! Which means you have to twist it and make it your own, which can bring, again, the commercial battle. No one is immune to this btw, NO ONE! The more you push it, make it stand out, change the norm, the more it will become more complicated to monetise it.
I just wanted to post this, because I never want anyone to think that my optimism and drive of my mission for us all to live our dreams clouds the reality – IT IS HARD! BLOODY BLOODY HARD!
The thing is, if you’re dreaming it all up and changing it up, you’ll have that secret power by very nature. To think beyond what others have thought.  That also applies to how to commercialise your creation. Never be set by the confounds of the normal economics others use. The price of what you do, how to charge, where to gain revenue, partnerships, collaborations, incubations, different types of resources, exciting ways to source – the same magnificent brain that’s created the idea CAN and WILL work out the ‘how’. You just need to not give up, however hard it gets… and I know it gets really fucking hard!
Do What You Love, Love What You Do and don’t forget, you have the secrets to ALL of it! 

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