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A mother’s love

Love alert! ❤️ I had to share a little journey I’ve been on this summer – falling more in love with my son. Over the years I’ve always played a certain role within our family, I work, and everything that this means. The stress, the tiredness, the arguments, the sadness, the happiness and a million more emotions brought into a household, when you’re a founder of and then you find yourself having to do it all over again. 

Harry was 3 mths old when NOTHS was born and 10 yrs old when I started forming Holly & Co. He’s known me as this type of mummy only. I was never able to lie on the floor and ‘play’ – I actually don’t think I’ve ever ‘played’ with him. My wonderful Frank is amazing at this, always has been. I’m the ‘useful’ mum…designing bedrooms and getting Harry Potter books and helping him deal with school ground antics. 

But this summer, something changed. I got to ‘play’ with my 12 years old, because he entered my world as a young man. He did an apprenticeship at the shop and I watched the ‘work bug’ hit him. I watched him bloom in the diversity of business. He would be down there first thing, not wanting to leave and 7 days a week if we allowed him. I watched him find himself. As a result, I’m in a bubble of love, excitement and awe of him. 

So much so, I gave him an area of Holly & Co’s future as his very own. Many of you know my feelings about the utter lack of foresight our education system has for equipping the young for the FAR more entrepreneurial future they will all have to exist in. So I have taken the challenge into my own hands. 

He will now spend his weekends and evening building his company with me. We are carving out an area in my home office for him, so we will share our entrepreneurial space. We’ve made a plan till he is 18, incorporating his goals and combining his schooling. I’m so excited at the prospect I get to work with my son.

Last night he went to a show with his Grandma and they asked the audience to think of their greatest wish. I asked him how they’d afford his Lego bill? He replied – ‘Bubba, I wanted to know if in the end, I get to work for you, forever?’ How did I get this lucky? 



    Amazing Holly! My little one ( almost 5 years old ) joins me, while I' m trading at the Backyard Market in Brick Lane on Sundays and she enjoys to be a part of the business & team. I wish from the bottom of my heart, that she will do what she loves.

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