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Lucky Dip Club

I present, the amazing – Leona from Lucky Dip Club. I, like thousands of others, love getting her monthly, surprise, stationery subscription box through my letterbox – it never fails to delight. Lucky Dip club is her third successful online venture and so I thought, we’d enjoy her thoughts!

Sum up your to-do-list today, in 10 words?

A colourful page full of tasks & tea break times.

What’s the biggest misconception of running an SME?

If you run your own business you’ll have more ‘free time’. That statement makes me giggle. However, the time you spend running your own business will be full of so many powerful emotions, ups and downs like the craziest roller-coaster and when you come out the other end each week, each month, each year you’ll feel a real sense of achievement. Personally, I feel like I’m truly living my life. It all rolls into one and ‘free time’ has no meaning.

What lesson has influenced you the most?

Comparison is the thief of joy. I spent most of the 7 years when I was running my first business comparing it to the success of other small businesses and feeling like a failure. Looking back, I achieved so much, but I never stopped to enjoy it or feel proud of myself. Now I run Lucky Dip Club, it is important to be aware of competitors and the market in general, but this is purely part of running a business. I don’t let it affect me emotionally anymore. I have my own goals and I make plenty of time to stop, enjoy and celebrate!

When you dream about the future, what do you see?

Having fun running and gently growing my business, like it was the day I first started. I also love planning adventures with my family and friends.

What’s possible now that wasn’t before?

I have a love/hate relationship with social media, but ultimately it has provided an essential platform for me, so my customers can get to know me and in turn I can get to know them – who they are and what they want. It’s a two-way street. I give it the respect and time it deserves and value the importance it has to the continued growth of my business and building a loyal customer base – or Girl Gang as we say at Lucky Dip Club!

Your favourite word?

YAY! (Life’s too short for naysayers!


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