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Magic Of Small Business

You’d think I was asked why I was obsessed with small businesses all the time, but actually, that specific question never really comes my way! And I remember when it did, I was flawed….I mean, why was this so in my DNA? Why was it my rocket fuel?

I sort of still can’t give you a definitive answer, because how do you describe the feeling I get each time I walk into the Holly & Co Work/Shops for instance? I’m enveloped in the magic of small business. Surrounded by-products crafted with passion, purpose and (let’s be honest) bloody hard work. From our coffee beans, the freshly baked cakes and bread to the art on the walls, the products that adorn our shelves – it all comes from makers and creators that pour their heart and soul into what they do. Each time I walk in, I experience something entirely new.

But underpinning all of the above is a guttural need to help the underdog. Those who don’t feel they’re being heard; their talents not yet exposed. To release people’s dreams from the shackles of insecurity and help them feel confident to walk by the side of the gaols, to become the person they dreamt of becoming. To take to their stage and sing with everything they have, releasing energy and colour that no one’s ever seen.  You see, I believe, you are not alive until you have had that experience, of showing the world exactly who and why you are here and so magical. It’s the definition of what I think it means to be alive.

This picture is from the 2018 Congregation  Of Inspiration  a day that I felt so ‘alive’ and truly and fully ‘me’. A day filled to the brim with small business advice and inspiration. There was networking, learning, shopping and eating, but mainly, everyone that came, felt like they’d taken to their own stages. So much soul searching, so much deep thought, so much happiness and people shining through their insecurities. I bloody can’t wait to tell you when we’ll be doing it all again this year – it’s a true privilege!

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