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Make Friends Not Contacts

Friends, rather than contacts, is the only way forward in business!! Sometimes our time feels so precious the thought of investing this god like commodity into a 3rd party relationship, (when you’ve not tucked your kids in bed for a few nights!), seems counter-intuitive. But, it’s not.

In the early days of NOTHS, our printers would delay payment for months, our amazing marketing lady took shares rather than dough. Many companies we worked with, allowed us to spread payments over a year?, rather than its due date. Seriously helpful, when you’re running so close to the wire, you can smell your dress on fire! All of these things took place because we had a proper relationship with our suppliers and the people we worked with. I made time to meet people ? I’d met at an event and started to build a connection with them. It was genuinely because I liked and was interested in what they were doing, but low and behold, somehow they’d become crucially important (as if by magic?) in unlocking part of the journey or helping out the business around the same time. As if the universe knew. I’d need their superpowers soon.

At the speed, we travel and with so much choice out there, I admit, it’s hard to prioritise this type of ‘danceBut, it’s a much more enjoyable world if you sit in a business meeting with someone and you actually, like them! If you choose, you can create a world ?where you spend your time with people that enhance you and your team. Maybe make “can you see them at your next Christmas party pouring you another glass of wine” a question you ask yourself, next time you go in search of people, companies or suppliers to work with!? So, make love, not war…Sorry, make friends not contacts! Do you agree? Anyone else made some good friends along the journey? I know I have and they know who they are!

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