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make it happen

Make it Happen

You know, the most amazing thing happens when you just say to yourself – just fucking do it.

You have today or this hour, to make it happen change the course of your world. Stop moaning or feeling sorry for yourself and get on with it.

And, just like that, you can make the impossible, possible.

I do this every few weeks, and it’s normally when things get totally overwhelming. I’m on the brink of giving up and just failing, until I have this surge of courage. If I’m willing now to fail – what if I said I had an hour to solve this problem? And there it is, the surge of bravery comes when you look at the worst thing that could happen and become comfortable with it. Or not!

If you are procrastinating or are on the verge of giving up – give yourself an hour and bungee jump into the issue. Throw caution to the wind! Send the cheeky email, put your foot down, pick up the phone – whatever it is, you have nothing to loose!
Without doubt, every time I do this, I achieve literally, the impossible

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