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Make time for downtime

I try to write about balance quite often; about making time for relationships, hobbies, and relaxing . (More as a reminder for me than anything else! I know we all get trapped in ‘should’ and ‘could’).

Weekends (or should I say, whenever you’re not working if you’re a small business owner!) are an opportunity for a mental refresh; though, before we know it, they seem to race away. Here are a few of my favourite things to do in my down time, to keep inspired and happy:

Learn a new skill: either at home, or even better, with a new group of people. Whether it’s creative writing, life drawing, pottery throwing, martial arts, tap dancing or yoga; learning a new skill will better both your brain, body and social life. Plus, you never know who you might meet mid-downward dog! 

Treat yourself: we spend so much time working on our careers or businesses, that we often neglect to look after ourselves. Take a day to treat yourself – buy that thing you’ve been lusting after, eat your favourite treats, spontaneously head to a day spa with a friend, or why not pop to the cinema to see a film you’ve been meaning to watch. A day doing feel-good things will refresh the mind, body and soul.

Refresh your space: if you work from a studio or from your home, your surroundings can feel a little stale over time. Take some time to refresh your working space; this can be something as basic as doing a quick tidy and purchasing some new plants, to painting the place a new colour and buying new furniture. It’s been proven that our surroundings are directly linked to our emotional state, and undoubtedly, our work output. Time to put a spring back in your step? 

I’m off to buy a new big plant for my home office this weekend X

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