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Make Your Mark

What do we mean by ‘making your mark on the world’? This can be seen as quite a bit daunting statement, especially if you’re a micro-businesses. So this months grid is all about helping stimulate ideas and ways that our small businesses can have a BIG impact. And it’s not all about plastic!
As you know, we’re at the start of the B-Corp journey and one of the things the process does is demand you ask all the ‘good’ questions! From whom you employ, whom you supply, how you treat your suppliers, what policies (sounds very corporate but it isn’t) on lots of matters around your living and breathing business. So far it’s been fascinating, as you have to think about things that haven’t actually happened and ask yourself – ‘what do I believe’?!
So something right now I’m thinking about and this is utterly crucial and informs so much of the decision making for nearly everything – what are Holly & Co values? The thing is, values can be meaningless and anyone who’s ever worked in a corporate know how easy it is to get wall stickers with a bunch of words and for them to never be looked at again. True values are the words anyone in and out of the organisation, would use when describing you. They sum up what you believe and you’re too busy living them out, to have them made into wall stickers!
So the team got together and we thought long and hard and here’s where we are at…what do you all think? They can’t be too long, have to be purposeful, only Holly & Co…I’m pretty happy, but have we missed anything?

Authentic and Confidently Real
Brave and Daringly Ambitious
Crazily Creative and Curious
Deeply Kind and Always Happy
Empowering, Encouraging and Believing

Make sure, even if it’s just you or a small team, that you start here. Because everything should come off the core essence of your business – your values.

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