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Make Your Mark On the World

What do you want to be when you grow up? Ahh that dreaded question that all teenagers get asked or are expected to know from their SATs onwards, if not earlier!
From such a young age what we learn, or think we need to learn, is determined by a pie in the sky answer about what we want to ‘be’ when we grow up. And with the exception of a few, how many people do you know who actually end up being what they said they wanted to be when they were 13 years old?!
The portfolio career is now becoming more common, with so many more people finally tuning into what they love to DO, not what they’ve been condition to BE.
So why not stop asking the young what they want to ‘be’ and instead start helping them embrace what they love doing, making and creating! Let’s help them find their passions, know them and thrive in them! It’s time for change!

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