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Makers Community Spirit

With the last day of our community theme within Holly & Co, I thought I’d just take a moment to remind us, myself, that community should be the essence of what we do and all around us. It can feel easier to do this all alone. That the ‘noise’ of others can be sometimes daunting or distracting, but maybe you should ask yourself if you truly feel you’ve found your tribe? Because when you do, it’s like nectar. You get to ‘geek out’ on whatever your profession, industry, talent is with others who hang on your every word. You become surrounded by the ‘music’ of other people’s lives/business tales that mirror your own. They help you, connect you and become your second battery. So if upon reading this, you don’t have the above…go search out your community and tribe, because they’d love to know you. And if you are, like I, surrounded by cheerleaders  and radiators – let’s take a second to count our blessings this morning XX Here’s to you, community X
Thank you @mendyourhead as ever, for an amazing pic !

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