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Alex Ebdon

Man Made: Meet Alex Ebdon

Throughout this Man Made month I’m going to shine a light on men who’ve become creatively fulfilled. Today I introduce you, to the exceptionally talented, Alex Ebdon whom I have the pleasure of knowing personally. A wonderful soul, who’s pursuing his dreams after giving up the 9-5. A brave move, one that I know others would love to follow – might this inspire you to tread in his footsteps?

It was a big move for me to change from having a creative ‘hobby’ alongside a business ‘career’ to allowing my creative outlet as an artist, the opportunity to become a career in itself. In times of rapid change and economic uncertainty there’s a big pressure I think to hold on to a job role where you’ve spent time and developed yourself – perhaps especially for men. But the fact that things are developing quickly means there’s even more opportunity to take a creative passion and actually be able to turn it into a business. It’s an ongoing learning process for me, but one that I’m extremely happy. I took the plunge to put my entire effort behind. To have the unity of what I love, being what I do, is highly rewarding.

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