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Man Made: Oxford Pennant

Man Made: Meet Oxford Pennant

Throughout ‘Man Made’ month we’re championing the male makers – those who have chosen to live a life that creatively fulfils them, in the hope that it might empower others to do the same. This week, the Oxford Pennant founders Brett & Dave shared a little insight into their world with me. If you don’t already follow them – please do go and have a look at their work. As a huge fan of flags and pennants at the best of times (I would genuinely cover my house in them if I could!) Brett & Dave are trailblazers in this field. I love their ability to fuse heritage with a modern twist and their creative approach to business is one that resonates with me strongly.

What does it mean to be creatively fulfilled by doing a job?

Creativity makes our work not feel like “work”. It’s incredibly satisfying to able to come up with ideas and see them come to life, and that makes the day-to-day fly by. We try to inject creativity into everything we do, from products to invoicing. So many companies sterilize their image and play it down the middle, but we try to incorporate our personalities into the voice of the company. Being ourselves and being creative has unquestionably helped us grow!

no substitute for hard work pennant
Did you always know you wanted to start a company making pennants?

Absolutely not. Who would start a company like that? We thought we would sell a few pennants at street festivals and make a little extra money on the side as we had full-time jobs. Unexpectedly, the internet helped our business explode. As opportunities presented themselves, we kept addressing them. Once a high-profile account featured Oxford Pennant, we had no choice but to push our chips in and to play the game as best we could!

It’s hard for many men to break free of the shackles they might find themselves in. And with men’s mental health being at it’s all time low, it’s all of our responsibly to ask “are you happy?” If you know a frustrated creative or entrepreneur – share and send them our way!

Oxford Pennant
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