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Stolen form

Man Made: Meet Stolen Form

Throughout Man Made month in the Work/Shop I’m shining a light on men who’ve become creatively fulfilled. Today I introduce you, to the exceptionally talented, Christian Marsden founder of Stolen Form. I adore everyday objects made into the extraordinary – and so I always knew we would have to Stolen Form adorn our shelves! Today Christian shares his story, and I hope it might inspire other’s to pursue their creative dreams…

Running a creative business is extremely rewarding, I feel Like I’m in control of where my profession takes me. I have the freedom to explore any idea, open up new markets for sales leads and work collaboratively with anyone I choose.

StolenForm was a continuation of my degree work at Falmouth University as I came up with the idea and produced the first London Brick Vases there in 2008.

The vase became central to the concept of the brand; to reinvent mass-produced objects by hand-making them in small batches and giving them another quirkier function.

For as long as I can remember the most important thing has been the continuation of my studio based design career, but with no guarantee’s of the profession working out, I had to make some crucial decisions early on. I’d given myself the understanding that setting up and running a creative business will take time. For the impatient this is a hard challenge to overcome and can easily lead to the pursuit not getting off the ground.

The market for buying home-wares, unusual gifts, handcrafted items and bespoke accessories is big enough to find a place where you as an individual or brand will fit in so find your niche!

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