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Meet Anna Knits

Anna Wilkinson is a leading designer within the new, young knitting pack. Taught to knit by her mum at a young age, the craft became second nature to her. Anna prefers hand knitting over machine knitting, because she believes that “you simply cannot create something so special using a machine – this applies to all handicrafts. The possibilities with hand knitting are endless.”

Anna has written and published two books, ‘Learn To Knit, Love To Knit’ and ‘Learn To Crochet, Love To Crochet’, colourful guides for the budding crafter. We loved her work so much, that we asked her to create our window display, which you can see above, and I’m sure you’ll agree is incredible!


Anna says, “I believe that it’s really important for us to create and make things ourselves – it’s such a huge contrast to fast throw-away fashion found on the high street. You really do learn the value of something by creating it from start to finish yourself. You get so much more satisfaction from putting all that time, effort and love into making something you’ll cherish and care for.”

I couldn’t agree more! Thank you for helping us celebrate the knitters in such a special way, Anna!

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