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Meera Lee Patel

Meet the Maker: Meera Lee Patel

I believe that the desire to create must be instilled very deeply inside you. It’s this desire that encourages and supports me when the realities of freelance life – the hustle, the invoices, the deadlines, the demands – begin to seem like too much


We’re celebrating the artists this month and I couldn’t do a blog post without telling you about Meera and her journey.  She’s utterly inspiring, not to mention incredibly talented, and her journey from dreamer to doer was one that I was keen to share with you.

I discovered her book last year and instantly fell in love with her illustrations. We now stock her book, Start Where You Are, in the Work/Shop.  It is a mindfulness colouring book unlike any that you’ll have seen before –  we highly recommend it; such a beautiful inspiring read which aims to guide, inspire and motivate.

start where you are

‘Start where you are’  available in the shop

A self taught Artist from Brooklyn, Meera only took up drawing after she began to feel lost and underwhelmed by her traditional 9-5.  Painting around her day job reinvigorated Meera’s passion and creativity.  After receiving encouraging responses when she started sharing her work on social media, Meera started selling her work online.  She soon saw others making a living doing what they loved and began to realise that it might be possible for her too.  She says, “This idea is a dream I carry with me constantly, and it encourages me to keep going whenever my schedule or workload bears down on my bones.”

Now a successful artist, Meera’s clients range from Urban Outfitters to NASA. So what advice does Meera have for those dreaming of pursuing their passion?

Firstly, never give up. Talent doesn’t separate successful people from unsuccessful people, but lack of tenacity can.

“If I could talk to my younger self, I’d remind her that there are many worlds inside her, and to not feel confined to the one she finds herself in at any one particular moment. Everything is temporary. Everything will change.”

How inspiring is that?

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