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Meet the Maker: Sally Muir

We’re all about the artists this month – meet Sally Muir.

She’s a talented artist residing in Bath (UK), who loves turning her hand to landscapes and portraits, but specialises in dog portraits.

For years Ms.Muir focused on her knitwear business Muir & Osborne as both a designer and author. With her partner Joanna Osborne, they have published seven knitting pattern books: Pet Heaven, The Animal Accessory Bible, Best in Show, Knit Your Own Dog, (also Cat, Pet, Zoo, Farm and Dinosaur !) and the children’s book Patch’s Grand Dog Show.

Ms. Muir returned to university as a mature student with a concentration on Fine Art. Children’s portraits gave way to dog portraits as is evidenced in her 365 Facebook dogfest “A Dog A Day”. Ms. Muir is the recipient of many awards and her work appears regularly in galleries. She accepts and enjoys commission work — dogs and humans alike!

So we had to work with her, as we are all crazy about our furry friends. So, throughout this Artist month at Holly & Co Work/Shop, we’re thrilled to be exhibiting artwork by Sally Muir. The place has literally gone dog crazy! In addition, on Saturday 20th May Sally Muir will be setting up her own mini art studio at Holly & Co for the day and you’ll be able to bring in your beloved pup for his (or hers) very own portrait. Each appointment is 15 mins and costs £40 – you will leave with a beautiful, unique portrait to treasure. Appointments are selling fast – so please ask our shopkeepers (if you are local) or email us at to secure your session.

When asked ‘what inspires you to keep going and what keeps you motivated?’ There are always new dogs to paint; and new people to paint!

We love hearing the stories of the pooches she paints…

“This is Charity a puppy who was rescued in Spain by the brilliant Galgos Del Sol—a charity that I’ve become involved with—who rescue the badly treated Galgos, the Spanish hunting dog. There are quite a few Galgos in the exhibition as I went over and painted them last year.”

“This is a little Whippet called Lily. She was looking up so adoringly at her owner and it really melted my heart.”

“This is my friend’s dog Perdita, who is very very old.  I posted this portrait to show how sad I felt on Brexit day” 

“This is my Dalmatian Dorothy, a very devoted and loving pet, who we all adored.” 

Pop into Holly & Co to see her beautiful artwork in the flesh, even our fairy door has a piece of miniature Sally Muir art!

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