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Milestone Moments

A really long time ago Romans used to place stone pillars called ‘obelisks’ along the side of the roads. These stones were placed a mile apart and each ‘milestone’ was given a unique number.

We use the word ‘milestone’ differently today but just as these Roman stones helped travellers know how far they had come on their journey, our modern use of this term does the same thing.

This week was a milestone week for me. A moment where things changed for the better. I launched and further freed my voice. I’ve been on Instagram for a year now but it didn’t feel totally me and Instagram’s desktop experience wasn’t great. So launching my blog, enabling users to follow, like and comment from the desktop (not been done before!) has been a milestone. Knowing how our community still love the ‘big screen’ it felt right to allow the images we lovingly create to sing loudly from the screen.

My posts have generally been pretty huge for me. As some of you know, I’m dyslexic. So even typing away now, I hold my breath. Knowing a year ago there would’ve been no way I’d ever write for the public to see. is a true act of love in so many ways. Like someone learning to walk again, every post takes so much of me. To build the courage to share generally and be vulnerable but to then have the bravery to press ‘post’. It’s exhausting. But I felt like I had to share, help, enthuse, build, be counted, inspire, speak, however scared I was. Somethings are so important that your fears have to be fought and this ‘movement’ I’m privileged to be part of, is worth my glitter boxing gloves any day of the week.

I’m now committed to actually ordering these trend setting, iconic pebbles, NOTHS heirlooms that were/are NOTHS best sellers. Every milestone I’ll preciously collect them.

You may not realise it, but you’ve already reached many milestones in your life and have so many more exciting ones to come. Promise.

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