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Mini Boss Lady Kids T-shirt

Mini Boss Lady

It’s been a joy watching Olive (my beloved niece) grow into, what can only be described, as a force of nature. She enters the room (slamming doors and possibly singing or dancing) and you feel the presence of this tiny thing. Give her the wrong option, within choices you present and she will look at you as if you’ve just insulted her inner being. Even though she’s not been on this planet four years, this girl understands everything that’s going on around her. From emotions, to wrongs and rights and most importantly, what she wants. I think she knows who she truly is – right now.

I’ve witnessed this so much more as an adult, now with a little girl in my world. Every mummy of a girl I meet (around the country and world) I talk to. Asking them what it’s like raising a girl and they echo Olive’s nature. A force that’s beyond them and whilst it nearly kills them, they’re in awe.

I think back to my dear mum and what she had to deal with as I grew up. My name remember was Holly Hurricane! I can only think what led to that christening!

So tell me – what happens? Yes some of us get through – just! I’m now in a position that I worked my self to the bone to get to, and still do. But, if 50% of all children are girls, and they’re this life force, why isn’t our world equally run and lifted by women? But on a positive – do you feel change in the air? I think I do. I believe over the next decade we might see a real shift, as the world is getting better and has changed to lift the female force up – do you agree?

Thank you Nicola, for making possibly one of the best tees ever created!

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